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Anonymous said: your bubbles are awesome but now i must pop them all before they reach the top

Haha thanks

Clear the roads

Anonymous said: Could you add China to that list of places that are undergoing atrocities? They're oppressing Uyghurs, Tibetans, and probably lots of other minorities..

Yeah I’ll add it as soon as I can



i feel like once you start working you should also start giving Eidi to your younger family members but like.. im still a child myself… what is a 5 yr old going to do with my 20 dollars.. they should be giving me money im about to go to college

Anonymous said: Half of your post included religious people being persecuted... Ohhh... I cherish the day that religion doesn't exist.

Pretty sure the root of the problem is the persecutors who are against the religious groups rather than religion itself

Anonymous said: in the oppression post you made, you mention that israel is firing weapons into gaza but you don't mention that gaza has been firing rockets into israel for years. if you make a post, make sure that you include both sides.

I’m good. Israel is not being oppressed in any way shape or form and I stand by what I said in my original post

- Me: sees potential pimple forming 1 day before Eid
- Me: washes face, drinks three glasses of cold water, uses all of sisters clearing products, sleeps on a clean towel, prays to god